Why Rice Bran Oil Only?

Why Rice Bran Oil Only?

Some Health Benefits of Rice Bran Oil
Cholestorel Control

Few Unique Health Benifits from Rice Bran Oil

Rhythmic Control over Cholesterol

Cholesterol is the substance occurred naturally in the body which is either absorbed from food or made by the liver. It plays an important role to maintain healthy cells and make hormones, vitamin D and bile acids which help to digest fat.

Aside from making cholesterol in the liver, we can also get it from the foods we eat. Eating too much saturated fat which is found in animal – based foods can cause our bodies to make or absorb too much cholesterol.

Animal – based foods such as meat, eggs and dairy products contain cholesterol, where as plant foods do not. Eating goods which contain cholesterol in moderation has less effect on cholesterol levels than eating too much saturated fat.

High levels of cholesterol in the body can clog blood vessels and increase the risk of heatr disease and stroke.

There are two types of cholesterol: low-density lipoprotein cholesterol is the bad cholesterol whichcan clog blood vessels; high- density lipoprotein [HDL] cholesterol is good cholesterol. It helps clear the bad LDL cholesterol out of the blood. Cholesterol levels are typically a measure of the total of LDL and HDL levels.

Rice Bran Oil in diet significantly reduces LDL cholesterol [Bad cholesterol], inhibits platelet aggregation and prevents cardiovascular diseases. Clinical studies from Japan, India and the U.S.A have confirmed the results and named RBO AS “HEALTH OIL”. in every 1% reduction in cholesterol there was a 2?crease in the risk of coronary heart disease. Thus RBO in the diet significantly reduces cholesterol without any side effects and is the healthiest oils for human.

Nature Pure Cholesterol Lowering Spread has a minimum of 1.2% gamma oryzanol, and approximately 1% of other plant sterols. Oryzanol is a naturally occuring nutrient found in the rice plant. Cholesterol can be absorbed into the body through the intestine. Research shows that Oryzanol may inhibit intestinal absorption of cholesterol from foods. The unabsorted cholesterol and Oryzanol are then passed out of the body. Oryzanol not only helps your body to block the absorption of cholesterol it also helps to improve the good HDL cholesterol and reduce bad LDL levels.

Other Control


Studies conducted in Taipei Medical University, Taiwan have shown that Rice Bran Oil is effective in increasing insulin sensitivity in case of Type 2 Diabetes.


A latest study conducted by Japanese researchers and published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry [Vol. 54,pp.1914-1920] have shown that rice bran fractions appear to have a beneficial dietary component that could lower blood pressure.

Rice Bran Oil is a rich source of hypoallergenic protein, dietary and nutrients. Those who have intolenrance to other cooking oil this is an excellent alternative.

Rice Bran Oil is vastly superior to traditional cooking and can be considered nutraceutical oil that is perfect for all our healthy cooking needs. Rice bran oil consumption is almost 20% less compared to other oils.

Great choice for vegetarians and easy to use everyday.