Why Nature Pure


Food Safety Objectives

We, at kalyani Solvex Pvt. Ltd., are committed to maintain the following objective.

i) Improvement of sales by minimum 5% increase per year. ii) Customer Satisfaction level increase 5% every year. iii) Improvement of Skill development by 2 training per year with an interval of Max. 6 Months to all employees. iv) To solve 100% customer complain within one month from the date of receiving of customer complaint.

Food Safety Policy

We, at Kalyani Solvex [P] Limited are committed to manufacture refined rice bran oil, in most hygienic manner, ensuring proper operational controls as detailed in process flow matrix/Hazard Check list, and perform the testing of the products as per PFA Limits and Company standards as laid down in our Quality Assurance Plan.

We shall conform to all the Statutory and regulator requirements, comminicate food safety issues along the chain, Strive to meet customer requirement, ensure customer satisfaction and are committed to comminicate this policy to all the personnel in our organization,review periodically for its continued suitability.


Relationship and Communication

Good communication building and maintaining strong relationships and effective reporting are very important in major project supply chains. We have long term relationships with leading firms proactive reporting approaches or good communication on delays or changes.


The company has sufficient man power a quick response approach to customers,quoting, work status updates,etc. The company has also after hour’s contact and the ability to respond on emergency requests. Include this information to show that you are customer focused.

Continuous Improvement and Innovation

Demonstrating that we continue to improve our systems and that we innovate to solve problems is very interesting to major project supply chains – we want to know we are working with firms that are committed to ‘going the extra mile’. we are regularly developing new products, commit to R & D or product innovation.