About Us

About the Company

Kalyani Solvex [P] Ltd. was established in the year of 2002 with an object to Manufacturing Food Products and supply the same to the people in the form of Good Quality and Cheap Price. In the year 2003-2004 the company installed 60 MT. Solvent Extraction plant to Extract Rice Bran of which the finished products are Rice Bran Crude Oil and De-Oiled Rice Bran. After Successful achievement of the project the company time to time enhances its production capacity in this project.In the year of 2008 the company installed Vegetable Oil Refinery Unit to process crude oil to refined edible oil which will be marketed under the Brand Name of “Nature Pure”.From 2008 to 2015 the company has successfully launched and marketed the Edible Oil with the “Nature Pure” and “Health Care” brand name. Presently the Edible oil product is almost available in entire West Bengal and as well as the brand is quite famous in the hyper market like BIG BAZAAR, SPENCER’S, METRO CASH & CARRY, WAH BAZAR Etc.

Product & Services

The company key product is Refined Rice Bran Oil and De-Oiled Rice Bran. Refined Rice Bran Oil is manufactured, packed and marketed in different pack size in different location in India in the brand name of Nature Pure and Health Care.

De-Oiled Rice Bran is also manufactured, packed and marketed in the brand name of “kalyani’s Animal Wealth” in India and abroad.

Competitive Skills

The company has sufficient Skilled personnel in different stages of Manufacturing Activity like, Production, Maintenance, Quality to maintain sustained Production and Quality of the Finished Product.


The manufacturing unut is being equipped with almost modern technologies in different stages of production which are also been nalyzed in regular interval to maintain the best quality of the product.The company has well experienced maintenance personnel to maintain uninterrupted production throughout the year. The company is always upgrading the technologies and expansion the capacity in regular interval which reflects in the company’s financial reports.

Specialized Capabilities

The company started production through solvent extraction plant in the year of 2004 and has established the manufactured product as specialized products [De-Oiled Rice Bran] marketed in India and Abroad.

Certification Held

The company is certified with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005 which is also Food Safety Management Standard Certification.

Export Capabilities

The company has sufficient infrastructure and capability to export the specialized product in any country. Presently the company has the export activity at Bangladesh, Bhutan and Vietnam.


Solvent Extraction Plant : 54000MTPA

Vegetable Oil Refinery Plant : 30000MTPA