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A passionate cook and food lover, I love experimenting in my kitchen…..Listed here are a series of my tried and tested recipes

prepared in my humble kitchen. They are very easy to do and simple with ingredients readily available at any kitchen……


In an average Bengali home, use of mustard seeds in cooking is a regular thing. We use mustard seeds for tempering and also use the

paste in various fish curries and vegetable medleys. We simply love the heat of the mustard paste. I think its use is  also common in

few other states of India. I remotely remember on our visit to Chennai, we had a chicken curry made with coconut and mustard paste.

It appealed to my taste bud so much that I tried to prepare it in my kitchen, though may not be that authentic. We do not use mustard

in chicken, but I believe bringing in fusion in food is actually getting to know different cultures.

My today’s post is steamed prawn marinated is a mustard seed-green chilli paste. It can be done very quickly and its hassle free. We

usually enjoy it with piping hot steamed rice. We can prepare it in microwave but I have done it traditionally. Let us see how we do



Prawns : 500gm[medium sized]

Mustard Seeds[black] : 2tsp

Green Chilli : 4-5

Garlic Clove : 1big

Salt : As Required

Turmeric : 1tsp

Oil[mustard] : 2tbsp


We need a steel or aluminium container for this recipe.

De shell and wash the prawns carefully. Rub with salt and turmeric.

Wash the mustard seeds through a strainer.

Put the mustard seeds, green chilli, garlic clove, little salt and 1/4 small cup water in a blender.

Blend at high speed at regular intervals for 2-3 minutes or till it turns into a fine paste.

Take the marinated prawns in the container. Pour in mustard oil and the paste. Mix well.

Tighten the lid.

Heat 1cup water in a wok. Let boil.

Place  the container on the wok, 1/4th of it will be immersed.

We need to steam it for about 45 minutes to 1hour at medium to low temperature. If water dries up in between we need to pour in more water.

Transfer into serving bowls and serve hot with steamed rice.

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